A photo of three mystery bags, one green and two pink. The pink bags are printed with a pink gorilla logo and say “kawaii mystery bag”. The green one is printed with a green pink gorilla logo and says “random mystery bag”
Image of two mystery bags. Kawaii mystery bag on the left is pink, featuring a Pink Gorilla logo. Random mystery bag on the right is green, featuring a pink gorilla logo.
Image of a Kawaii mystery bag. The bag is pink with a pink gorilla logo on it.
Image of a random mystery bag. The bag is green with a pink gorilla logo on it.
An example of the items you might find in a random mystery bag. In the middle is the green bag. It’s surrounded by items: a pikachu figurine, a dragon quest metal charm, a small soft panda keychain, a keychain of the Pokemon grookey, a Kirby figure holding a flaming sword, a keychain of two Mario’s running, a Zelda breath of the wild logo keychain, a rubber keychain of an anime character from Chainsaw Man, a waddle Dee figure, a small soft ice cream cone keychain, and a plastic Mario bell keychain
An example of what you might get in a Kawaii mystery bag. It is a pink bag with a pink gorilla logo surrounded by various keychains and gacha. A plush bear head with a strawberry and whipped cream, a fruit tea drink keychain with liquid inside, a figure of a cute bichon dog with a duck on its head, a plush lizard keychain, a clip of Sanrio’s ponponpurin in a yellow sneaker, a brown cat figure, a purple crayon plush keychain, a rubber keychain of Sanrio’s Rorry and Rotti, a plush hamburger keychain, etc
Pink Gorilla Games

Gachapon | Mystery Bags - $25

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We have tons of gachapons and keychains from Japan in store -- so many that we sometimes can't even keep up with them all! The grab bag will be a random assortment of Japanese keychains and gachapons at a heavy discount. The image is just a small representation of the kinds of fun goodies you might recieve in your bag. Treat yourself to a little slice of Japan!

$25 bags will include 10+ items with a guaranteed total value of $40-50

"All Kawaii" Bags include only cute plush keychains, animals, and decora

"Kawaii and Video Game Mix" Bags will include a mix of video game related gachapons and keychains and other cute stuff

Photos are examples of items you might receive in a mystery bag. Specific items not guaranteed.