A set of four extremely fluffy kirby and waddle dee plushies with a woolly texture.
A sleepy Kirby rubbing one eye like he's just woken up from a nap. He has a woolly texture and is in a seated position.
A sleeping kirby wearing a fluffy nightcap. He has a fluffy texture and is in a seated position leaned back.
A sleeping Waddle Dee with his eyes closed. He has a fluffy woolly texture and is in a seated, leaned back position.
A sleeping waddle dee laying all the way down, and wearing a fluffy green nightcap. He has a soft woolly texture.
Pink Gorilla Games

Kirby Dreamy Wool-Style Limited Prize Plush - Kirby

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Officially licensed, high quality, and soft kirby and waddle dee plushies. This sleepy, soft, woolly series is a limited time "prize" plush from Japan. Pick your favorite, or collect all four for a discount!

Series: Kirby

Roughly 4"