Six pokemon bottle figures: A. Piplup swimming in a sandy underwater scene with coral. B. Lapras in a regtangular bottle, swimming in dark water with coral. C. Primarina sitting elegantly on a pink coral chair in a crystal bottle. D. Spheal and Seel swimming in icy waters in a fancy bottle. E. Horsea and Luvdisc swimming in sandy tropical waters in a simple bottle. F. Relicanth and Clamperl swimming in sandy underwater ruins in a rectangular bottle.
Pink Gorilla Games

Pokemon Aqua Bottle Collection 2 - Re-Ment Figure Mystery Box

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So fancy! These pretty little aqua vignettes from Re-Ment feature water Pokemon in stylish bottles.

There are six different types of figures to collect. Buy a full box of six for a discount, and get all six types guarenteed!