1. Pikachu and Bonsly hanging out under a pink cherry blossom tree. 2. Squirtle sleeping on a flat stone in the water, surrounded by tall grass and a large blue flower. 3. Chespin and Fletchling share apples on a sparse looking bonsai tree. 4. Froslass stands serenely under a pink and white flowering tree in the snow. 5. Growlithe standing on a stone in a zen garden with a Japanese maple. 6. Lugia spreading his wings on a sideswept traditional bonsai.
The packaging for one Re-Ment Pokemon bonsai box. It features Pikachu and Bonsly under a cherry blossom tree on the front of the box.
Pink Gorilla Games

Pokemon Pocket Bonsai 2 Collection - Re-Ment Figure Mystery Box

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Pokemon meets a beautiful Japanese tradition! These adorable vignettes from Re-Ment feature several types of Pokemon relaxing with a serene bonsai plant.

There are six different types of figures to collect. Buy a full box of six for a discount, and get all six types guarenteed!