1. Pikachu on an ornate pastel pink stand. 2. Emolga and Pachirisu with stars on an ornate pink pastel stand. 3. Piplup with hearts on a pastel purple ornate stand. 4. Galarian Ponyta with a starry rainbow on a pearly white ornate stand. 5. Eevee with a pink and mint macaroon on a pearly white ornate stand. 6. Gengar sleeping with stars and clouds on a light purple ornate stand.
The front of the box for a Pop'n sweet collection figure. Features Galarian ponyta in the foreground, with the pikachu and piplup figures in the background on a pastel pink backdrop.
Pink Gorilla Games

Pokemon Pop'n Sweet - Re-Ment Figure Mystery Box

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Pokemon with a sweet pastel theme! These adorable vignettes from Re-Ment feature several types of Pokemon with pretty heart, start, and rainbow motifs.

There are six different types of figures to collect. Buy a full box of six for a discount, and get all six types guarenteed!