1. Pikachu in a bubble visits Manaphy at the sandy ocean floor, with kelp and coral. In a bottle with cork. 2. Chinchou and Omanyte swim in stone ruins deep in the ocean. In a bottle with a cork. 3. Vaporeon drifts through a sandy coral scene, in a bottle with a fancy top. 4. Corsola and Finneon hang out in a coral filled tropical scene, inside a fancy bottle. 5. Wailord swims through the sea in a sideways bottle with a cork. 6. Milotic swims through gem filled pink-tinted water, in a sideways bottle.
A single box for the Aqua Bottle collection. Features the Pikachu and Manaphy figure and the Corsola and Finneon figure on the front.
Pink Gorilla Games

Pokemon Aqua Bottle Collection Version 1 - Re-Ment Figure Mystery Box

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Gorgeous underwater Pokemon scenes! These pretty little aqua vignettes from Re-Ment feature water Pokemon in cute bottles.

There are six different types of figures to collect. Buy a full box of six for a discount, and get all six types guarenteed!