1. a Pikachu swinging from the clouds above an Altaria with a blue cloudy base. 2. Rayquaza coiled up swinging from a semi-transparent, blue and purple ombre sparkly piece. 3. Bronzong swinging from an ancient stone looking arch that has several Unowns attached to it. 4. Piplup swinging from a curl of blue water, over an Oshawatt with pink coral and grey rocks. 5. Sylveon leaping over a pink cherry blossom tree. 6. Dragapult hanging from a blue and purple ombre smoke structure.
The full ad for the figures. Features all six figures described in the previous image on a blue background.
The box for a single figure. The front features the Pikachu and Altaria figure on a blue background. The text says Pokemon Swing Vignette Collection 2.
Pink Gorilla Games

Pokemon Swing Vignette Collection 2 - Re-Ment Figure Mystery Box

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Floating Pokemon! These adorable vignettes from Re-Ment feature several types of Pokemon in action.

There are six different types of figures to collect. Buy a full box of six for a discount, and get all six types guarenteed!