An image composite of many types of gachapon you might receive in a mystery bag. The image includes Pokemon toys, Kirby toys, a plush dinosaur, mini replica coffees and cotton candy, and more. These items are just examples of what you might receive.
Pink Gorilla Games

Gachapon | Mystery Bags - $15

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We have tons of gachapons and keychains from Japan in store -- so many that we sometimes can't even keep up with them all! The grab bag will be a random assortment of Japanese keychains and gachapons at a heavy discount. The image is just a small representation of the kinds of fun goodies you might recieve in your bag. Treat yourself to a little slice of Japan!

$15 bags will include 4-5 items with a guaranteed total value of $21-27

$25 bags will include 8-9 items with a guaranteed total value of $40-50