A large bag featuring images of kirby and waddle dee on a forest-inspired backdrop. The bag is an icy white color with grey and yellow touches and blue and green trees. There are two blue handles on the bag and a longer adjustable blue strap.
Promotional photo featuring a model carrying the bag. The photo is cut off around the wasit, so only their tan cardigan and blue jeans can be seen. The bag is featured prominantely as they carry it to their side.
Pink Gorilla Games

Kirby Blue Forest Boston Bag - Kirby

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 A stylish bag featuring Kirby and Waddle Dee among the forest. The dimensions are 48x35x15cm (roughly 19in in length, 14in in height and 6in in depth)

This bag features adjustable straps and is perfect for anyone on the go! You can wear it over the shoulder or carry it by the handles.

This is a Japan-exclusive item and won't be restocked!