Sleeping Hamtaro and friends plushies. Snoozer, Oxnard, Pashmina, Penelope, Bijou, and Hamtaro.
Sleeping Bijou plush: white hamster with two blue bows.
Orange and white sleeping Hamtaro plush
Grey and white sleeping oxnard the hamster.
Sleeping hamster Pashmina. She's brown and white with a pink scarf.
Sleeping hamster plushie wearing a yellow sheet with two brown ears poking out.
Sleeping Snoozer the hamster. He's a brown and white hamster inside a red and yellow sock.
Pink Gorilla Games

Mini Sleeping Hamtaro and Friends Plush

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It's Hamtaro sleep! Officially licensed, high quality, Hamtaro and his friends! These are Japan-exclusive limited time "prize" items.

Choose your favorite or get the whole set for a discount!